About Chaney’s Traffic

About chaney’s traffic.


The content inside my mind is like a Rush hour. Picture the clutching horns, impatient drivers, traffic lights, crosswalk, footpassengers, bikers, all the different kind of cars and the people yelling, talking and laughing. The train enters the station and people are running to catch there bus. All this and then some is the chaos that I call my mind. It’s not exactly that traffic. I’ve got my own.

My traffic is made out of everything that I’ve been through and go through. The things I see, hear or feel. Things that I have to do, want to do or need to do. Im cutting it down to these few items. But I truly see my mind as traffic. I admire people that got there life so in place, that there traffic is more like a ride on a freeway during a holiday, busy but do-able. Just going with the motion because you know where you are going.

As a kid my wishes and goals changed daily, weekly and yearly. I just couldnt set my mind on doing one thing. Probably scared to miss out on everything else while doing this one thing. But setting your mind to do everything that you’d like to do, creates chaos. Rush hour chaos. Because, especially when you are a mom, you need order and planning. Two things that cant co exist with chaos.

But these are the downsides of things. Let me take you up town. To the upperclass. My interests are divers. My taste is divers. My thinking is divers. I like so many different things and love to do so many different things that my only option is eternal life. Forever, to get to the things that I would love to do. I love to try and understand where people are coming from. And come to understand time and time again, that if you are compasionate you’ll fit into everybody’s shoes.

A woman, who I see as my best friend, ones told me: You worry to much about structure. Your chaos is your structure. You thryve in your chaos. You have structure within your traffic. And she is right. So now im excepting this thing about me. And daring my self to make this blog as I am. Im taking you on this journey I call my traffic and tell you about everything that passes me by. I launched it not fully ready. So you are growing with me from zip to my chaotic perfection.

I hope you’ll bare with me. Become a subscribed friend. A friend who can deal with real and a friend who can understand my chaos, my rush hour, my traffic.

Welcome inside my mind.

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