Body and Mind

For a good overall health the body and mind need to be in sync.  If the mind isn’t steady, it is not able to take care of the body. For example; if you wish to work out but you are tired or just not in the mood to do it, your mind has to be strong enough to push you through whatever state you are in.  Because we all know how good we feel after working out. But we are used to make up excuses not to. In order to do what we need  for our body to get in a healthy state, our mind needs to overcome some obstacles.

If you are used to laying on the couch after work and have a glass of wine to relax, it will be a struggle to do things differently. Study have showed that if we want our body to inquire new things, we need to be consistent for three weeks to make it our own. So mindset is where it all starts.

I work two shifts. When I have to be on the work floor on 7.30 am, I have the tendency not to eat breakfast. And if I was up late the night before , I’ll be so tired that I will be coming out of bed at the last minute. Which means I have to rush to get to work on time. It is a nasty pattern that I’m stuck in. The minute the alarm goes off, you’ll be having a negative thought right away. You think it sucks because you would have loved another hour of sleep. You open just that one eye. which gives you the feeling that you are really tired. You drag your self out of bed and that is your day right there.  To be in a positive state off mind, I have to get up at six am, open both my eyes, say grace for waking up and hit the shower right away. If I really want to get of a good start I start preparations the evening before. Everything is set to make myself a protein shake and I’m off to bed at 22.00 o’clock. When the alarm clock goes off I remember that I’m creating a good day. I’m aware of what the plan was for that day. It totally sets the right tone. I’ll be eating right all day, drink a lot of water and even work out.

This is to give you a little idea of how the mind and body react. It’s like a chain reaction. The one thought sets the other in motion. If you want to change a bad morning into a good day, you have got  to have a strong mind. But you need to get there first. Don’t bomb rush your self into changes. Just keep it at one or two at the time. Build your structure and be aware of what you learn along the way. Whether it is your eating, sleep or workout habit that you want to change, it is important that you are doing this fully aware of everything that happens during this effort to change. Your mind is set in it’s ways. It is going to neg and argue with you. But you can turn the negative thoughts of and start telling yourself why it is important for you to make these changes.

If you are the type of person to fall back in your old habits, then it is going to be a real challenge to change all this around. Don’t beat your self up on it if you fall back. you are going to slip every ones and a while. The key is to keep at it. Keep going. It is always better to try then to do nothing at all. Know your goals and keep looking towards them. Life is about falling and getting up. Start loving your self, start giving your self love. If you love yourself you naturally want to take good care of YOU!